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Free Stock Photos

We have partnered with the best FREE online photography site. Access an entire library of photos right from our website builder.

Free Trainning

Designing a website or learning a new platform is not always the easiest thing to do. We’ve got you covered with FREE help so you can rest assured you will create the best possible online image! 

Template Library

If you don't feel like designing your own website there are so many free or paid templates available for you to choose from.

Free Hosting

Your website is fully hosted on our servers. Your website runs on a dedicated server with a full backup every 24 hours.

Transform any template

We know you don't always have the time to build your website from the ground up. Sometimes you need a good foundation to build on. Calvary Chapel Tustin transformed this great template into their own. And if you get stuck, we will be there to meet with you one-on-one to help you customize your template to your liking. 

Don't be DUPED!

Believe it or not but there are church website builders out there who will say you only need a website and don’t need an app, then charging an overpriced monthly fee for the website builder. Do your research and don’t be taken advantage of.  We help you keep up with technology with a church app and website that covers you for all your online needs. Plus at the same price, they charge just for a church website builder. Don't be Duped!

Free HTTPS & SEO Built-in

Google has put such a high priority on good SEO that every website that wants to be found online needs to have a good SEO website. Unfortunately, SEO is like a foreign language to most people. Don't worry we have built into our website builder the ability to easily add SEO to your church website resulting in your website getting ranked higher on Google. Our website builder has helped churches go from 5-6 page to the top of googles first page. Plus with the added FREE https security Google will rank your site even higher and making your entire site completely secured for visitors. 

Create beautiful custom websites

No other website builder will give you the control and features our website builder can provide, aimed specifically at assisting churches with their online needs. If you’re new to web design then our team will help, free of charge and provide you the insight you need to create an amazing website.

Awesome Photo Galleries

One of the first things new visitors on your website look for is a church photo gallery. Why, because it's a great way for them to see the life of your church. Most churches don't have one because it's either extra money with their website template or not available. We have one of the best looking FREE church photo gallery website plug-in on the market. Plus your church family can enjoy this great feature and download photos from your church photo gallery.

Add Sermon Cloud Player

You can easily add our sermon cloud player to your website with just a couple of simple steps. Give your church website first-time visitors and church family the ability to listen or watch your messages anytime. Plus when you update your media it updates on your website and your church app automatically at the same time.

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  • Fully hosted on our servers
  • Daily backup of your website
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  • Extensions library
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  • Website templates
  • Grid blocks
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  • Create multiple navigations
  • Dropdown menus
  • Social media buttons
  • Upload your logo
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  • Online Video Tutorials
  • 24 hour Email support