Build the best first impression for NEW visitors!
You will never need another church website builder again! Guaranteed! 

More control & features then any website builder including squarespace or wix! Compare and see! 

Create the website you imagine!

We set out to create a website builder that would give churches the freedom to create the website they want with no limitations. We wanted churches to have complete control over their website to make changes when they wanted and not have to pay someone or wait on someone.  

No framework! Have the same control as web programmers but without knowing any web programming!

Customize your website using powerful drag n drop features and sliders!

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Create a beautiful website your in control of.

No other website builder online will give you the control and features our website builder can give. If your new to web design then our team will come along side you Free of charge and provide you the insight you need to create a awesome website for people finding you online.


Ten minutes DONE!

Our website builder allows you to create the best looking websites with-in minutes. When your biggest audience to your website is no longer your church family but new visitors. Then having a website builder that can create simple & beautiful websites is a must!  

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Get Results!

Living Truth went from a 93% bounce rate to 35% after launching their new website. And a average time spent from less then a minute to over 4 minutes. How did they do it?

  • Focused on a website for new visitors

  • Minimal and simple website

  • Focused on mobile first over desktop first

  • Very few subpages and a simple navigation

  • Over 80% of visitors have been on mobile


Free Photos

Unsplash is the premier free stock photography website. We have partnered with Unsplash and integrated their library of stock photos right into the our website builder.

  • Browse unlimited photos

  • High-resolution photos

  • Easily add to your website

  • The best photography online

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Photo Galley

Every new visitor to your website and including your church family will love this feature. One of the first places new visitors goto is a churches photo gallery. 

  • Upload unlimited photos

  • Allow users to download photos

  • Unlimited Galleries

  • Customize the look


New Visitors

Look at your website stats and see over 51% of website traffic is new visitors on mobile devices looking for a church in their area. Your website is no longer for your church family. 

  • Create simple websites for visitors

  • Make it easy for visitors to navigate on mobile

  • "App Bar" helps promote your church app

  • Visitors can read your weekly Bulletin

Your church website should make new visitors excited about visiting your church campus!

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Gradient Feature

We give you the tools other website builders don't! This feature you will not see on any website builders probably until next year. Our team set out to deliver this feature in one week and now it's live for you to enjoy in your account.


App Bar

Our website builder has the ability for you to promote your custom church app to new visitors visiting your website. It will also auto detect their device and show for both IOS & Android or choose other devices for your app bar to show on. This is a great feature to promote your church app!


One Page or Complex!

Using our website builder you will be able to create a simple one page website that's easy for visitors or to create a very detailed website with lots of pages. So many great features and so easy to build your church website.


Google Fonts

Choose from over 800 fonts to use on your website. Change the size and weight of the fonts you use. Very cool feature to dress up your site.

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 5.01.56 PM.png

Our Media Player

You can easily add our media player to your website with just a couple of steps. Give your website first time visitors and church family the ability to listen or watch anytime. Plus when you update your media it updates on your website and your app all at the same time automatically.

Website Features

  • Fully hosted on our servers

  • Daily backup of your website

  • Fully responsive design

  • Preview in Tablet & App sizes

  • Embed YouTube

  • Embed Vimeo

  • Image or video backgrounds

  • Over a dozen plugins

  • Popup windows

  • 800+ Google fonts

  • Unlimited pages

  • Unlimited cloud storage

  • Redirect your domain

  • Extensions library

  • SEO management

  • Add Google analytics

  • Website templates

  • Grid blocks

  • Drag and Drop interface

  • Embed third party code

  • Adjust site padding and margins

  • Create multiple navigations

  • Dropdown menus

  • Social media buttons

  • Upload your logo

  • Website backups every 15 minutes

  • Database Backups every 15 minutes

  • Online Video Tutorials

  • 24 hour Email support