Cheap Church Apps

Did you know 90% of church app companies use third party software like Ionic or Titanium which are not even supported by Apple or Android? These platforms limit the features of your church app and make your church app slow and sluggish for church users. “I have heard of one story that you have to send your push notifications to the company, and then they will send them out for you!!!” What that is #crazy. Church App Suite uses Apples own Xcode development software and Android Studio to create your custom church app. Resulting in a fast  custom church app that will last for years not just six months. Don’t settle for a Cheap Church App! #Reconsider! Your church family will love you for it. Start a FREE 30-day trial today! No credit card needed. Visit

Custom Church App Pages!

Did you know 90% of church apps don’t allow you to create custom app pages in their apps! That’s like if you told me I could not add a custom page to my website. Most custom church apps you get what you pay for NOTHING! A basic cookie cutter app that you will find you will grow out of in a year! Church App Suite is one of those few you can create unlimited amounts of pages in your church app! Visit today to start your 30-day FREE trial! Not credit card needed. #crazy 

Missed Sunday?

How easy is it for your church family to find a Sunday sermon they missed or explore the hundreds of sermon messages in your church app or on your church website. Church App Suite Sermon Player can be viewed from your custom church app or added to your church website. Plus our sermon player has the best search, filter by topics, books of the Bible & most popular. Add uploaded sermon messages into series, speakers, categories and featured. No, Other church app platforms have this functionality. And if that was not enough users can create a playlist in your custom church app with one click! Examine the many benefits Church App Suite can offer your church family! Sign up today for our 30-day FREE trial!