Top 10 requirements to look for in your custom church app.


1. Native (US) vs Hybrid (THEM)

Native apps (US)
( 10% Church App Companies Code Native Apps )
Native apps are written in a programming language specific to the platform they’re being developed for. This would typically be Objective-C or Swift for iOS and Java for Android. Native apps typically have better performance with rendering and animations than hybrid apps.

NOTE: All our apps are coded in Native which is recommended by Apple and Google!

Hybrid apps (THEM)
( 90% Church App Companies Code Hybrid Apps )
A hybrid app is a mobile app that contains a web view (essentially an isolated browser instance) to run a web application inside of a native app, using a native app wrapper that can communicate with the native device platform and the web view. This means web applications can run on a mobile device and have access to the device, such as the camera or GPS features.

A hybrid mobile app is built using technologies typically used for the web. Hybrid apps are hosted inside native applications that allow them to access the device’s camera, pedometer, and other functionalities, removing the need to develop for any specific device or operating system.

This basically means that you are creating a website wrapped up inside an app. Which is a scam! Church App Suite provides you a real church app recommended by Apple & Google!

Ionic which is used by most of these companies!
Ionic is a framework that essentially allows developers to create hybrid mobile apps using web technologies like HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Native apps have the added advantage of functions that are specific to the OS on which the app is built (e.g., camera, GPS, address book, etcetera). Furthermore, a native approach offers the best in class security for a mobile application, the best performance, a highly responsive user interface.

Why? Do most Church App companies build hybrid apps? To save them money and provide you a low-quality app. Hybrid Church Apps will crash for your users, be unsecured & provide fewer features. This is another reason why they can charge less for their church apps. In the end, you are really getting what you're paying for and it is not much. Don't waste your time with cheap church apps! If you want a high-quality and secure church app you need to have a custom church app that is coded Natively. Choose Church App Suite for your custom church app!

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