Church Apps vs Mobile Websites. Which is Best?

There is little buzz online about having a mobile website instead of a church app. When I worked at my church the best success we had with communication or using new technologies was to put ourselves in our church family shoes. As you know, people now days are working two jobs or if they have one job they are very very busy. Then add their family lives etc. Think you know where I'm going. When I was the communication director at my church, we knew from our website stats we had more new visitors than returning which told us our church family was not visiting our church website 90% of the time. 

Let's take big banks. They don't react to new trends or whats cool at that moment. Instead, they wait to see if they will go away or stick around. When Big banks move into apps, the church needs to move also and fast. When big banks make this move into apps that means they know where their customers are connecting every day... NOT on their website or driving to the bank! It's within their app. WHY because it's convenient, fast and the easiest! 

I can go on and on about why a church app is the best decision you will make this year! It will change the way you connect with your church family and because of the Church App Suite and our suite of products you can streamline operation costs, allow staff to work faster, increase church awareness & ministry sign-ups.