Our IOS platform NOW in Apple NEW language Swift!

Believe it or not, 90% of church apps companies don't even develop their apps in the recommended programming languages of Apple or Android. They use third party applications not supported by Apple or Android to code their apps. Why It's cheaper for them to develop! So they pass that cheap app onto you! Which means a very unstable app, app crashing, poor user experience and the list can go on. Couple years ago Apple released their very own new programming language called Apple Swift. This new language is the premiere language you will want your IOS app to run on. What does Apple Swift mean for you and your church family? Well, when it comes to comparing it's like a Toyota to a Ferrari. Objective C was the former programming language for IOS development, but objective C has lots of performance issues, and the language has been out long before Apple was first created.  Swift is everything Apple has wanted in a language for their IOS platform to run on. To find developers who can code in Apple Swift is not easy. But our developers are the best of the best ;) 

We set high standards when delivering our products to you and want you and your church family only to have the best. Apple Swift is faster & the best for IOS apps. When shopping for an app think about what foundation you want your app to be built upon. A rock or sand?