Does it really matter what your app is coded & developed on.

Our IOS App is Coded & Developed in Apple Swift. Apples NEW IOS language! 

1. To Build Apps with Unstoppable Performance
2. To Build Apps with Improved Engagement
3. To Ease App Update and Upgrade Process
4. To Build Feature-Rich Apps That Serve Purpose
5. To Build Apps Free from Bugs and Crashes
6. To Benefit from an Open Source Community
7. To Speed up Project Delivery
8. To Champion Non-iOS Platforms
9. To Provide More Security to App Users
10. To Include Better App-Monetization Strategy

You might never think about it, but if your app is coded & developed on a third party platform not supported by Apple of Google DON'T use that company. Ask two questions when shopping for a app.

For IOS:
Is their app coded in Apple Swift?

For Android:
Is their app coded in Java? Not Javascript but Java.

Most church apps a coded in APOLLO or Appcelerator. These platforms don't support the full features of IOS and Android and result in app crashes and limits to the future of your app.