Email Push Notifications

As you know, email is still a very big part of our daily lives. And some people might prefer email then downloading an app. I think this is the case with seniors. It is so awesome that more and more seniors are moving online than ever before. But apps are still little unfamiliar to some of them. I know many seniors that only go on Facebook and have an email account. You send out lots of important announcements using push notification to your app subscribers, but your email subscribers miss out on those announcements. Well, all that has changed with this new feature! Now when you send a push notification or an Announcement from your Announcement feed in your church app, your email subscribers will be receiving those notifications via email also. Adding the email option to your Church App Suite account can ensure you deliver your important messages to every platform! Your app, email, website, and Facebook page. Soon we will be adding this feature to post to your Facebook page also. Until then enjoy this new feature.