Church Ministry Sub Calendars

One of the great things we love about this business is working with churches and hearing their great ideas on how to improve the products and make them better for all churches to enjoy. Last year I met with Pastor Phillip and his Creative designer from Horizon Christian Fellowship from San Diego California for lunch. It was an excellent time to sit down and hear some great ideas from them. One of their ideas was to create sub-calendars from the main event calendar so they can add those sub-calendars to ministry pages on their website or app. Well, we just released this great new feature which is now live on your account.

Another great example of using sub-calendars is to create ministry pages within your custom church app. Women’s, Men’s Children’s, etc. And link to their calendar of events. What a great way for example men at church to check upcoming men’s Bible studies, Men’s Breakfasts, etc. from the men’s page in your church app linking to the men’s calendar of events right from the app.

Another great example of how important it is for churches to have a custom church app. This new year consider a church app for allowing you a new way of connecting and providing fresh content to your church family, so they can be more aware of what’s available for them at church.