New Website Builder

Going with a mobile app does not mean you have to leave your website behind. Many churches ask us how does our website fit into the big picture of things now that we have a custom church app. This is a great question. Working on staff at my church I always noticed our website stats showed more new visitors then returning. What this told me was that visitors to our website were new people looking for a church in their area and not necessarily our church family. Hope you’re following where I am going with this. Your church website can now be a very simple website that focuses on new visitors to your church and allows your church app to serve your church family which it will. This allows you to build a simple website and not have to always update it. Using the tools in our Church App Suite like the digital bulletin and calendar which can be placed on your website gives visitors a good idea of ministry events and opportunities at your church. Plus adding our media player allows them to listen to a couple of sermons before visiting a service. Approaching this way allows you to leave your website up and not worry about updating it every week. You will have your sermons, digital bulletin, and calendar automatically post to your website. Saving you time every week.

Things have changed in the last year Mobile app use is fast outgrowing websites use. It’s now so important that churches see this fast change and adopt a custom church app that can serve your communication and media needs to connect better with your church family. The Church App Suite does this! Your website is no longer the place your church family visits. It’s going to be your church app because that is easier for them to stay connected with tools like your digital bulletin, calendar and listening to sermons on the go.

So why did we provide a website builder as part of our products? Well, it’s simple we want to help churches cut down on all the updating between your app and website. Giving you a website builder to build a simple website we know will contribute to saving money and streamline your workflow.

This website builder will be FREE to all custom church app customers.