Weekly Devotional with your church app!

What a great idea from Calvary Chapel Corona. Send your church family a weekly devotional right from pastor via your church app. Sometimes we forgot that most of our church family are starting their work week at a job that they might not like and surrounded by people that don’t have the same beliefs they have. I remember when I was just a baby Christian there was a guy at my work that just hated that I was a Christian. It was a tough time in my Christian life. At that time there was no easy way for my church to reach out to me at my job, home, etc. A Church app has changed all that, and Calvary Chapel Corona is an excellent example of how you as a pastor or staff can reach out to your church family outside of just Sundays with your custom church app. Having a custom church app is no longer about just an add on item. It’s a necessity to staying connected and serving your church family outside of the four walls of your church building. Having a church app is going to allow you to stay connected with them daily via your weekly church bulletin, weekly devotionals, Ministry opportunities, and so much more. Get your app ready for the new year. Visit www.churchappsuite.com to quickly build your custom church app with our drag n drop app builder.