How one Church delivered a special Thanksgiving Announcement to their church family from their church app!

Any church has had many times where they need to deliver an important message to their church. Most churches will send an email or post on their website. The problem is those two methods don’t produce many results. Only about 30% of all your emails that are sent out are even opened. Data shows most visitors to your website are new people not returning visitors. If it were church family, your web stats would show more returning than new. So how do you deliver that valuable information? Well, there is no perfect answer, but data does show app push notifications to receive an 80% — 90% open rate. So just by having a custom church app your church opens up greater opportunity to connect and deliver church information. Church App Suite unique Announcement Feed with Inbox feature takes push notification to a whole new lever for your church family to interact with your church app.

Take Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for example. This Thanksgiving pastor Jack Hibbs delivered a personal Thanksgiving Announcement to his church family with their custom church app using the Church App Suite Announcement Feed. Download their app here.