Phone & Tablet

Our Android church app is built with the highest standards recommended by Google. The Android is a difficult platform to develop for that is why most Android apps are unstable & will not install on many Android devices. Our Android church app is tested to install on 90% of the Android devices out their which is a high precent compare to other church app companies. 
NOTE: Our Android church apps are built with Android studio Google's recommended platform for developing Android apps. This results in no app crashes, fast load times & a great user experience.

Android Phone & Tablet Church App

  • NEW Android 8 OS Oreo
  • NATIVE Android
  • Android Studio
  • Mange Your App Store Page (included in your subscription)
  • Mange Your Yearly Push Notification Certificates (included in your subscription)
  • Provide App Updates for New Android Phones & Tablets (included in your subscription)
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Androids Best & Most Secured OS yet!