Digital Email Bulletin & Push Notification Emails

Maybe you have some older people that rather receive your digital bulletin via email. Well they can! And they
can also receive your app push notifications via email. So no one is left out!


Push Notification Emails

This feature gives you the ability to send app push notifications to email subscribers. Pretty Cool!


Digital Email Bulletin

This feature allows seniors or others to sign-up via email to receive your digital bulletin each week. Our email service sends these emails out for you so you don't need any other service to do this its all built in. Email subscribers can also unsubscribe when they need to. Plus you can track the stats of email bulletin views.


Email Features

  • Unlimited Email Subscribers
  • Unlimited Email Push Notifications
  • Manage Email Subscribers
  • Sent Unlimited Digital Bulletin Emails
  • Track Digital Bulletin Opens per Devices
  • Customize Digital Bulletin Confirmation Email
  • Customize Email Sign-up Page
  • Schedule Day & Time to Send Email Bulletin
  • Schedule Day & Time to Send Email Push Notification
  • Email Compatibility Across Mail Mail Clients
  • Ability for Email Subscriber to Unsubscribe