Your Church App with Multi-able Possibilities!

The only church app that will give your church family a reason to keep coming back.

Instant app updates

We have built a powerful church app interface for anyone with any knowledge of computers to be able to build and update anytime from the comfort of your computer. Push updates to your app in seconds.

Push Notifications

Our announcement feed feature is one of the most powerful features in the market. Along with the digital bulletin notifications, our platform keeps people connected anywhere they are.

Media Player Add-on

Easily add your audio and embed YouTube or Vimeo media content for your church family to listen or watch on the go and give a better media experience for users in your church app.

Pastor Jack

"There is no reason why you shouldn't try! It's a great step for any church."

Pastor Jack Hibbs
Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

The churchScribe My Church App

We have spent years developing a platform to allow churches to easily and affordably move into the mobile space. The churchScribe My church app icon will change to your church logo also.

  • Build your own app in less then a hour.
  • Don't wait on your current app company to update your app for you.
  • Blue Letter Bible & audio Bible.
  • Create custom app pages.
  • Different layouts to customize your app.
  • App opens and downloads analytics.
  • iOS & Android Phone and tablets.
  • Customize the churchScribe app icon to your church logo.

Download and try the churchScribe My Church App today. Click the links below.

Sermon Player

We have built a church sermon that everyone will enjoy. Unlimited sermon audio uploads, Youtube and Vimeo video embeds, Visitor Stats, Share on Facebook, Create your own playlist to listen later, Search by keywords or topics and much more.

NEW Media Player with LIVE View. 

Our media player product now has LIVE streaming player. Add your YouTube or Vimeo live stream to our player to give a more professional look to your streams.


Churches that have switched to our digital church bulletin from a paper bulletin have saved so much money they have paid for our entire platform with no extra cost out of their pockets.

  • Save $100's monthly instantly.
  • Stop wasting paper each week.
  • Pay for our platform with printing savings.
  • Easy drag n drop bulletin builder.
  • Increase church awareness.
  • Event calendar & registration included.


Design and customize forms so you can use to better connect with new visitors, your church family, volunteer opportunities or even for internal church purposes.

  • Unlimited forms.
  • Form stats.
  • Add forms to your website also.
  • Be notifided when forms is submitted.
  • Customize forms look and feel.


Build interactive Sunday sermon notes, small group notes or Bible study notes.

  • Unlimited notes.
  • Note stats.
  • Add notes to your website.
  • Users can email themselves their notes.
  • Customize notes look and feel.


We are the only church app that comes with the Blue Letter Bible.

  • Blue Letter Bible.
  • Multable Translations.
  • One Year Bible (Read & Listen)
  • Entire Bible (Read & Listen)
  • Listen while the app is closed.

What churches are saying about CAS.

See below at what churches are saying about the success Church App Suite has brought to their church.

Calvary Moreno Valley

The pastoral staff we have talked about really engaging with people, but we were not quite sure how to go about it. We discovered Church App Suite, and with-in two weeks, we had a Sunday for people to download our church app. We have done a lot of talking about engaging with people. Because too many times, someone gets a flyer or a bulletin and it gets tucked away in their Bible, put under their sit in their car or they get thrown away. But with this, you are actually going where they are. Whether they are at work, at home on the road, your engaging with them and pulling them back into what's going on at our church.

Living Truth Church

Church App Suite offers so much to the church community. Our church has been very receptive to the electronic bulletin and all that our app offers. If there is ever a question that arises or we need some tech support, the response time is always quick and resolves any issue that may arise. Using Church App Suite, Sermon Cloud, and all of its features is a great way to keep your church on track with trends in communication.

Calvary Montclair

Scripture says, “The Sons of Issachar understood the times that they lived in” (1 Chon. 12:32). Church App Suite staff understand the technological times that we are living in and they have wisely utilized technology for the advance of God’s kingdom with their product “Church App Suite”. Church App Suite offers numerous tools that can be utilized. From web hosting to creating a personal church App, you will be able to keep the church body both equipped and informed of all your church announcements. Their push notification & church bulletin feature has been especially beneficial to us. I highly recommend the church app suite for your fellowship.

La Sierra Baptist

The Church App Suite is a one-stop solution for church communication. The app integrates an online bulletin, registration forms, sermons, and much more. You can even send notifications to church members through the app. Along with the great communication tools that Church App Suite offers, their customer care is top-notch. I believe every church should be using their services!

Native Power!

Our platform IS NOT a hybrid app like many out there. We have developed our church app platform at Apple and Googles highest standards to secure the best app security, load times and no app crashes.

See what we are talking about.

We have put together a weekly YouTube channel with our founder Jeret Slack for him to share with you how things are changing with tech in church.

Choose a better way to connect.