App shopping can be like car shopping nowadays!

Don't get fooled into a cheap LEMON church app... you will regret later.

Serving over 1 Million users each month and counting! 

With over 20+ years church staff experience we know your needs.

Different Layouts

We have lots of different options and layouts for you to build the church app that you want, customize and YOU push live. Don't be fooled into church apps that don't offer this!

App Pages

Our platform is unique from others because we offer the ability to add pages to your church app at any time, which is not the case with other church apps!

Announcement Feed

We have created one of the most powerful features on the market. Along with push notifications, this feature keeps people connected.

Push Notifications

You have unlimited group, bulletin, announcement feed and regular push notifications at your fingertips. And you can send them anytime!

Audio & Video

Easily add your audio podcast and Vimeo video media content for your church family to listen or watch on the go or add our custom church sermon-player add-on to allow a better media experience for users in your app or church website. Check out our church app add-ons below. 

A Reliable Church App Platform

Our church app platform is built on the best IOS and Android platform "Apple Swift" and Google Pie. This allows for a more secure and faster-loading church app compared to other platforms. We have also created some awesome custom church app add-ons like our digital online church bulletin that saves on printing costs and allows for anyone to check their bulletin and sign-up for upcoming church events anytime. Try that with paper!

Customize & Push Live with a Click!

Our church app platform is one of the few with the ability to customize your church app anytime. Something you won’t find as an option with most other church apps. You can easily update your splash screen, add app pages, links, group app items into a group for easier access, add tabs to bring a different look to your church app. You won't find this must control in any other platform.

Update your church app and church website at the same time

One thing we have built into our platform is the ability to help streamline processes that you do every day. A couple of those ways are uploading sermons to your church app and then show on your website. Publishing a new online bulletin shows up on the website automatically also. Update a form in your church app you get the idea ;) 

The BEST Bible in a Church App!

We are the only church app to offer Blue Letter Bible with all major translations at your fingertips. We are blessed and honored to have BLB pick our company to partner with, to build a unique experience for our customers. If you enjoy BLB please visit them to show your support by donating to them today!

Check out a full list of our app features and add-ons below 

"There is no reason why you shouldn't try! It's a great step."

Pastor Jack Hibbs - Calvary Chapel Chino Hills

Most companies charge separately for technical support, website pages, and an added church app. It's rare to find a God-fearing company that provides an all-inclusive app and website package. Church App Suite staff understand the stress of maintaining a good online presence and respond quickly to customer support requests. They truly believe their calling is to help the church and not take from it.

Ruben Meza

Worship Pastor of Calvary Montclair