Smart Church Forms

Smart forms can be designed and shaped into the forms you need for your church! 


Best Looking Custom Forms

Think about every printed form you have around the church.

  • Save on printing costs
  • It's easy to create custom forms
  • Create prayer requests
  • Create first time visitor form 
  • Create feedback forms
  • Use for internal use

Picnic Example

This new feature to our forms is our quantity feature! This feature allows you to set quantities to our checkbox form element and once those quantities are meet they are grayed out in the form. Pretty cool! This has been highly requested feature from our customers. See example blow.


If Else Feature

Our "If Else" feature is a powerful new form element you can add to your custom forms. This feature allows you to direct the user in a direction based on their answer to your questions. See a example below.


Forms Features

  • Unlimited forms
  • Progression Feature
  • Customizable Form Colors
  • Add to your website
  • Add to Your Church App
  • Attach files
  • Add to your Website
  • Add your own artwork
  • Embed options
  • Customize with our easy Form Builder
  • Forms hosted on our servers 
  • Get notified by Email when form is submitted 
  • Export user data in Excel
  • User receives confirmation Email 
  • Each form has its own direct link
  • Add to Facebook
  • Drag and Drop interface
  • User management