Churches all over the world are making the switch!

Send your bulletin to your Church App, Email, Facebook & Website.

Build your church bulletin online saving time and money.

Read your bulletin anytime and anywhere. Try that with paper!

Easy Drag N Drop

Our online church bulletin builder is so easy to put together each week. It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, you can build it in half the time.

Save 1,000's a year

Churches all over the world have moved to our digital church bulletin over a printed one and have saved thousands!

Email for Seniors

We have provided a solution for seniors who may not yet be up to date with app technology, to receive your digital bulletin and push notifications via email.

Communicate Better

Our digital church bulletin has provided churches with the best way to communicate via the digital church bulletin.

Check out some examples of some churches bulletins.

Online Church Bulletin Builder

Fives years ago we set out to help churches go digital with there paper church bulletin. To help churches we build a platform from the ground up for anyone of any age no matter their skill set. Our bulletin builder is the easiest to use with simple drag n drop features and with one click send your online church bulletin out to you church app, email subscribers, Facebook family and even your church website for new visitors to enjoy.

Go digital and WIN!

Sometimes it's hard to make big changes in your church especially telling people there will be no more paper bulletin! But it's not as bad as you might think. Your church family is already using technology every day. YES, EVEN SENIORS! Going to an online church bulletin will be a WIN-WIN for you and your church family.

Save your staff time and your church some money!

If you have been part of the weekly bulletin process you know it can be very time consuming for small or big church. Our digital church bulletin product has cut bulletin time from a week to a day in 99% of our churches. All that staff time can be used in other areas of the church all at the same time saving a little bit more money each month on paper and ink costs.

Email Bulletin for Seniors

We have created a great feature to our online church bulletin. If you have anyone at your church that does not DO apps! LOL. They can sign-up for the digital church bulletin that comes right to their inbox each week at the same time its sent to your church app subscribers making it easy for everyone to stay connect no matter what age.

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  • Unlimited Email Subscribers
  • Unlimited digital Church bulletins
  • User management
  • Post to Facebook & Twitter
  • Share Bulletin Events feature
  • Unlimited event storage
  • Free bulletin themes
  • Customized sign up page
  • Free stock photos
  • Add to your Church App
  • Push notification when bulletin sent
  • User-friendly & simple interface
  • Embed bulletin on your website
  • Track bulletin opens per device
  • Track bulletin event clicks
  • Attach PDF files
  • Use stored events over and over again
  • Schedule date and time for your bulletin