A Media Player users can actually find your sermons!

Our church sermon player has so many ways to search and find messages.

90% of church media players can’t deliver what users need quickly and efficiently.

We keep it simple with a great search facility at your fingertips.

Listen on the GO!

This is one of our favorite features and one that's unique to our app. Listen in your car, on the bus,or train, or even at a coffee shop.

Best Search Features

Our church sermon player has the best search features over any other you will find online. This will give you a great user experience.

Great Design

We have worked hard to make our Church Sermon Player look professional and straight forward. People engage more with great design.

Hosted Podcast

We host all your podcast sermons in one simple easy to find application, making it automated for your individual needs.

Check out some examples of our church sermon player in action.

Upload and show in your church app and website all at once.

One thing we have built into our platform is the ability to help streamline the upload sermon processes that you do every week. A couple of those ways are uploading sermons to your church app and then show on your website automatically.

Free Unlimited Audio Hosting 

Everyone is familiar with Amazon and their easy to use platform. We have partnered with Amazon to host all your audio files in one place unique to you. This gives you extremely fast load times and a great backup solution for all your audio needs. Adding to your security and accessibility, Amazon creates a copy of each one of your mp3 files and makes it available to all on their data center and around the world, allowing anyone to listen to your sermons fast and no matter where in the world.

Vimeo Hosting with no Vimeo Branding.

Vimeo is a company that has changed the way churches host videos online. Before Vimeo, it was extremely expensive and out of reach for most churches to host video sermons online. Now we have partnered with Vimeo to give you a more customized feel. Our partnership allows you to use Vimeo but also our own custom video player giving viewers a professional feel that no other platform can give. Not even YouTube. The great thing is no one knows you’re using Vimeo!

Create Playlists for listening later!

This is a feature unique to our platform. As you grow your sermon library it's great for users to find and save messages so they can listen and avoid looking through hundreds of messages again. What's great about this feature is that they don't need to create an account making it instantly available to them in your sermon player. We use their local device storage to save the data to their personal device. How cool is that!

Remembering where you left off.

If your sermon player has hundred's or even thousand's of audio sermons, our sermon cloud player will save the place your users left off, so they can quickly jump back to listening right on their way home from work in the car etc. Just one of the amazing features people have grown to love about our Church Sermon Player.

Got more questions? We would love to answer them, contact us below.

  • Upload unlimited audio
  • Upload directly to your Vimeo
  • Search by topic, books, most Popular
  • Schedule when messages GO LIVE
  • Feature: Messages only visible by Link
  • Rearrange player navigation
  • Featured messages section
  • Series, categories, messages and speakers
  • Add message to multiple categories
  • Play where you left off
  • Customize color theme
  • MP3 download
  • Sermon notes download
  • Share on Facebook
  • Share via Email
  • Embed options
  • Backup solution
  • Add Logo and main image header
  • Website and mobile play-list feature
  • Web 2.0 responsive design
  • Add the player to website
  • Add the player to Church App
  • Change player background color
  • Link to messages directly on your website
  • Add the player to any template website
  • Add a default message backgrounds
  • Set default views of visitors
  • Delete messages
  • Upload artwork for messages and message page headers
  • Works with Wordpress & Square space
  • HTML 5 design and layout
  • User management
  • Manage video and audio Podcast
  • View visitor stats
  • Website player embed code