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Our New Website

We are excited to start the new year off with a brand new website design. We have wanted to redesign our new website with our very own website builder to show off how cool it is. Hope you enjoy and Happy New Year!

If we could say one thing to churches for next year. What would it be?

It would be to focus on your two primary audiences NEW VISITORS & YOUR CHURCH FAMILY!

Your website: DON'T spend your time trying to get your church family to your website! It won't work. They are to busy and would say I already go to the church I don't need to go to the website. Design your website around new visitors and make a great experience for them.

Your Church:  Your church app is the best tool you have to keep them connected better than any other communication tool available today. If you don't believe me take a look at BIG banks creating apps for their customers to connect better. I'm sure you have enjoyed your bank's app, and it's helped you a lot! This is the same for your church family your church app will allow them to stay better connected with their church anywhere they go and at their fingertips. Much better and faster than looking up a website.

The Web is changing for churches!

Maybe you haven't noticed, but your church website is becoming a place only for NEW visitors and NOT your church family. Ten Years ago I served on staff at my church in Chino Hills as the web and graphics designer and noticed this trend way back then. But now it is here. Google even says the most prominent search terms are places in your city. Churches in my city, restaurants in my city, etc. Plus 90% of the new visitors visiting your website are on smartphones or tablets. Think about this for yourself. How often do you browse the web form a desktop? Peoples preferred method is their phones. People do more browsing on their mobile devices than desktop... The staying is true mobile is the NEW desktop.

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