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90% of church apps you will receive a low quality, limited, poorly designed, unsecure and unreliable app.
NOT with us guaranteed!


Q: Why do you not offer a 30 day trial?
A: Great question? For the last couple years, we did. The problem was that our program has a lot to offer! Instead of doing a 30-day trial we moved to an online demo that is able for multi-able people to join the demo online including the pastor. This allows for a more effective way to determine if Church App Suite is right for you. Instead of trying to figure it out within a 30-day trial. Plus you and your staff can present any question or scenario to our staff, and we are confident Church App Suite will deliver.

Q: Why do you not provide your pricing online?
A: Great question? The main reason so we can see that people are interested in Church App Suite and that our website is working. Plus we have put together an awesome pricing packet that you can print out.