Your church app with multi-able possibilities!

The only church app that will give your church family a reason to keep coming back.

"There is no reason why you shouldn't try! It's a great step."

Pastor Jack Hibbs - Calvary Chapel Chino Hills


Our church app platform is built on the best IOS and Android platform "Apple Swift" and Google Pie. This allows for a more secure and faster-loading church app compared to other platforms.


Our digital online church bulletin saves on printing costs and allows for anyone to check their bulletin and sign-up for upcoming church events anytime. Try that with paper!


Easily add your audio and video media content for your church family to listen or watch on the go or and give a better media experience for users on your app or church website.


Our LIVE streaming player takes your Vimeo or Youtube live streaming and makes it look better and with added features for your church.


Forms can be designed and customized into forms you can use to better connect with new visitors. Build interactive Sunday sermon notes or for small group notes or even weekly Bible study notes.


Build your own hosted custom website with free SSL encryption, SEO and free website templates to get started.

The Whosoevers

"So Stoked on the Customer Service and Products from Church App Suite as they have more then come alongside us to launch an amazing App to Empower the Youth.

Calvary Moreno Valley

The pastoral staff we have talked about really engaging with people, but we were not quite sure how to go about it. We discovered Church App Suite, and with-in two weeks, we had a Sunday for people to download our church app. We have done a lot of talking about engaging with people. Because too many times, someone gets a flyer or a bulletin and it gets tucked away in their Bible, put under their sit in their car or they get thrown away. But with this, you are actually going where they are. Whether they are at work, at home on the road, your engaging with them and pulling them back into what's going on at our church.

La Sierra Baptist

The Church App Suite is a one-stop solution for church communication. The app integrates an online bulletin, registration forms, sermons, and much more. You can even send notifications to church members through the app. Along with the great communication tools that Church App Suite offers, their customer care is top-notch. I believe every church should be using their services!

Calvary Corona

Church App Suite has allowed our church family to be more aware of what’s going on by the time they get to church. When they get to church, they already know what’s happening, and it’s great to see that because they are already talking with others outside the church about events they are going to. They're just more aware of things that are happening in the future instead of talking about them in the past tense. Oh, I missed out on that, or I forgot to read my paper bulletin or forgot what was announced Sunday. It’s now available for them anytime in their weekly digital bulletin in our church app.

Calvary Tustin

The Church App Suite products are revolutionizing the way we communicate with the staff as well as with the whole body. The understanding and ministry experience that went into their design is evident in their ease of use, effectiveness, and customization. Church App Suite is the perfect cost-effective solution for churches with limited web and graphics resources. Its integrated features streamline administration and design, allowing resources to be freed up to minister more effectively. With its modern and elegant design and ease of use, it puts everything at the fingertips of each church member when they need it, allowing the leadership to connect with the body anywhere, anytime. This is an app all ages of the church family will want!

Calvary Montclair

Most companies charge separately for technical support, website pages, and an added church app. It's rare to find a God-fearing company that provides an all-inclusive app and website package. Church App Suite staff understands the stress of maintaining a good online presence and responds quickly to customer support requests. They truly believe their calling is to help the church and not take from it.

Living Truth

Church App Suite offers so much to the church community. Our church has been very receptive to the electronic bulletin and all that our app offers. If there is ever a question that arises or we need some tech support, the response time is always quick and resolves any issue that may arise. Using Church App Suite, Sermon Cloud, and all of its features is a great way to keep your church on track with trends in communication.