From a Customer!

Hey man,

Just want to give you guys "props" for an awesome product. I've never really messed around with your media player until recently and noticed the AWESOME tool of putting the player on our website also. Before your media player I was having to manually create graphics, write descriptions, organize it on our website, etc.. etc.. LONG process. Well.. your media player, as you know, is a one stop shop that organizes our sermon messages PERFECTLY and looks awesome on our website and app. No longer do I have to spend hours trying to make our "media" page on our website look good. You guys do the work for me.

Thanks!! - Chris

Hundred's of Audio Sermons & NO Search Feature that's CRAZY!!!

Our church sermon media player is the only church app media player to provide users the ability to search hundred's of sermon messages by series, topics, books of the Bible and so much more within your custom church app. Plus add your church sermon player to your website.


A Better Media Experience for Users!

With our media player you can search by keyword, topics, books & even organize sermons into series, speakers etc. Unlimited free audio uploads & hosting. Upload videos directly to your Vimeo account plus users have the ability to save messages to their play-list.

Free hosted &
backed-up audio!

Our sermon player is your churches best option for your church family and visitors to access a play your sermon audio quickly from your church app or church website. Our sermon player is the most user friendly sermon player online! 

Vimeo is the churches best video platform!

Our sermon player uses vimeo's API to allow you to upload video right from our players dashboard to your vimeo account. Don't let others charge you for expensive video hosting. Vimeo hosting solutions are the cheapest and best in the market. Integrate your vimeo videos into our player today.   


Media Playlist!

Our sermon player is the only to be built in with a playlist feature that can be used in your church app and on your church website. User can save messages for later to listen to at work or even in their car on the way to work.

Best User Friendly Sermon Player!

When it comes to 100's or 1000's of sermon messages how user friendly is it for someone to find what they are looking for. This is the problem with most sermon players. See for yourself how easy it is to find messages and even save those messages for later viewing or listing. 


The ONLY sermon player you can search messages in your app.

Hard to believe but we are the only custom church app you can search messages in your app. When there is no search features in your church app it makes it very hard for users to find what they are looking for. 

Features List

  • Audio & Video
  • Search Feature
  • Upload Directly to Vimeo
  • MP3 Download
  • Sermon Notes Download
  • Share Features
  • Embed Options
  • Backup Solution
  • Web & Mobile Play-list Feature
  • Web 2.0 Responsive Design
  • Add Player to Website
  • Add Player to Mobile App
  • Listen to Audio while app is Closed
  • Add Player to any Template Website
  • Works with Wordpress & Square space
  • HTML 5 Design & Layout
  • User Management
  • Video & Audio Podcast
  • View Visitor Stats
  • Website Player Embed Code 

NEW Technologies to backup & deliver your audio!

Using the latest web technologies your audio when uploaded is copied 100's of times and sent to data centers around the world. Making it very easy for people in other countries with slow connections to access & quickly play that audio file from the closest data center to them.

Traditionally trying to load from a server say in Texas. That audio file may not load at all or take very long to play for someone overseas. Plus all of your audio is backed up in multipliable secure servers. We want to make it possible to make sure people all over the world can hear the good news of the gospel! 

Quickly import audio into our sermon player!

Within about 30-45 min you can import your entire audio library from your iTunes podcast into our sermon player and enjoy all the great benefits from playing audio in your app or website.