Apple Announces Big Changes!

As of August 2017, Apple has ended "Branded Apps" or Template Apps as Apple calls them. Apple will no longer allow "Branded Template Apps" into the app store. Apple has requested us and hundred's of other church companies to create a container or directory app. We have had much success over two years with our current Bulletin Plus directory app. We will not be able to continue to provide "Branded Apps" for churches! We don't understand Apple's decision but are moving forward with what we call churchScribe. A more affordable & easy option for churches and their users! No SETUP fee's, faster app updates, more frequent new features and no waiting for app approvals from Apple!

If you would like to better understand what is going on we would love to talk with you.


PLEASE NOTE: It is not impossible to have a branded app but it will be very hard now. There are three options for churches now!

  • Create your own Apple developer account (which is a long process and $99 year) and try to submit your app under your developer account. BUT there is no guarantee that it will be approved by Apple. If this is something you would like to do please contact us via our contact page and we will provide pricing and setup fees.
  • Use our NEW churchScribe app ( see below ) which is the easiest for you and your church family. Having a "Branded App" does not really matter to your church family. It's more on the church admin side for branding proposes. Our customers have seen the same success using our Bulletin Plus directory app or a "Branded App." 
  • Use our NEW churchScribe app for IOS and have "Branded App" for Android and Amazon app stores. From your account subscribe page you can direct users easily to their preferred platform option. If your interested in this option please let us know. See example below.

Online articles about the Apple changes!

"The key requirement from Apple is that the apps be different. Not merely different in the data that they convey (e.g., the details of a conference's agenda, the list of exhibitors, the venue maps), but in their look and feel, and in how they behave. Apple wants variety."

"Unfortunately, standalone, templated apps have been the standard for the church industry. Churches have grown accustomed to having their own apps with their own names and logos."

"Unfortunately, most app makers seem to be directly affected by this new rule. While some companies have been very straightforward about their issues, others have been less transparent."

INTRODUCING churchScribe!


The churchScribe app requires NO Apple, Android or Amazon developer account setup! It's ready to go!
Download below and try it out!

Add-on Features



Getting Started!

If your interested in scheduling a app demo so you can see how easy it is to build the app, create your digital bulletin, upload sermons and much more just click the button below to book a time that is convenient with you. Thank you.