Custom Church App Features

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Before your custom church app is live on the app stores you will need to build your church app using our PixelArk Test App!


NO Cookie Cutter Church Apps!

As you can see above this is NO cookie cutter church app. Custom church apps like on the right only give you one layout and a few options to add content to your custom church app. On the other hand, our church app is a blank canvas for you to create whatever you want with NO limits on design or layout.

Plus you can't even create custom pages in other church apps. Think of it like not being able to build new pages on your website. That's Crazy!


church app Customer review 

We are so pleased with our new church app by Church App Suite.  They have provided us with a user-friendly system that enabled us to create a great-looking, valuable resource for our church family at a very competitive price point.  Their customer service and availability to answer our questions far exceeded my expectations.  We gladly recommend the people at
Church App Suite. - Vertical Life Church / Josh Kappes Co-Pastor


Available On

Our Church App platform is available on the top three most popular app stores for iPhone and Android ensuring your church family and visitors no matter what device they use your custom church app will be available to download for phone or tablets on iTunes, Google Play & Amazon app stores. 

For a good read check out our blog post on NATIVE vs HYBRID Church Apps Click Here


Church App Landing Page

Your Custom Church App account comes with your own landing page.

  • Customize the look
  • Add to your Church Website 

Tab Layouts

Using tabs in your church app gives you the options to organize and display your app content in a simple yet visual way.


Grid Layouts

Our grid layouts give you a more structured and visual look that will allow people to browse your church app content very easily.


Page Headers

Video and image page headers allow you to display video sermons or image content to your users, visually displaying what you want to communicate to them within your church app. 


Custom Pages

Add custom pages to your church app. Example: 

  • Ministry Pages (Men's, Women's)
  • Staff Pages
  • Event Pages
  • Missionary Pages

90% of church apps don't have the ability to create custom pages in their apps. We call these cookie cutter apps!


Blue Letter Bible

EXCLUSIVE!!! Enjoy the popular Blue Letter Bible in your Church App.
Multiple translations, increase font size, search, select Red Letter and quickly navigate between chapters and books.

Support Blue Letter Bible Click Here 
BLB is supported by Donations Only!


Our IOS Church Apps are NOW Created in Apple's NEW Programming Language called Swift. NOW the most secure church app!

The ONLY Church App Company offering SWIFT! - This is the Lamborghini of apps!



Easily add your Vimeo videos sermons right into your church app. See and choose your videos right from your church apps interface.



Audio is easily accessible in your church app with our sermon player and will lead to a great user experience. Allow them to listen while the app is closed or when browsing other apps. Plus audio remembers where they left off so they can stop and start listening at any time.

Audio Hosting is Unlimited with selected plans.



Our Announcement feature can help you communicate important information to your church family via your custom church app. 



Our Announcement Feed allows your user to easily see important announcement from you. Plus users have the ability to either delete them or save them for later.


App Notifications

Notifications are a powerful tool. Send notifications reminders to everyone or send a group notification to specific church apps users.

  • Notify users there is a new Bulletin available
  • Notify users Sunday sermon is available
  • Notify users Sign-ups are available in app
  • Notify users Sermon Notes are available 

Audio Bible

Keep up with your Bible reading with our daily
One Year Audio Bible: Listen or read anywhere in the Bible within you church app. ESV Version Only!


App Load Screens

The only custom church app to allow you to customize the load screen. 

  • Add your church logo
  • Promote upcoming church bulletin event
  • Add an encouraging message
  • Promote a current sermon series
  • Encourage Giving


Allow people to check-in when they arrive at church! Use check-ins for events also, for example an upcoming Women's Bible Study! Everyone who checks in at the door receives a special gift. There are so many fun ways you can use check-ins. 

  • Add a custom message
  • Customize the look
  • Track IOS & Android Devices
  • Track Check-In Days & Times
  • Export Check-In Data

Prayer Wall

This is what a Custom Church App is all about! Allow your church at work, home or on the go to pray for people. Powerful!


Bulletin Board

Church bulletin boards have been around as long as the church bulletin. Now allow your church family to view your church family in your church app!


Shared App Option

Our shared app works just like our branded app except your church family will have to download our PixelArk LIVE app, select your church and you will then be able to browse your app and even receive push notifications. You can also add any of our other services to the shared app.

Our shared app is available on iTunes, Google Play & the Amazon app stores for phone's & tablets.


Just incase we forgot something - here are all the

Church Apps Features

  • Audio Podcast
  • Video Podcast
  • Track App Downloads
  • Track App Opens
  • Blue Letter Bible
  • Embed Vimeo Videos
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Unlimited Group Notifications
  • Church About Page
  • Upload Custom Load Screen
  • Library with 100+ FREE Icons
  • App Analytics
  • Create Custom Pages
  • Upload PDF
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Photo Gallery
  • Blog 
  • Bulletin Push Notification
  • Grid Layout
  • Tab Layouts
  • Church Prayer Wall
  • Church Bulletin Board
  • Audio ESV One Year Reading Plan
  • Audio ESV Bible
  • Check-In Feature
  • Announcement Feed with Push Notifications
  • Announcement Feed Inbox Feature
  • Integrate Your 3rd Party Online Giving Platform
  • Customizable Drag and Drop Interface
  • Integrate Your Own Online Giving
  • Integrate Online Streaming
  • Change App Color Themes
  • Video Page Headers
  • Image Page Headers 
  • FREE App Updates for Life
  • Notification Feed
  • Customizable Navigation Colors
  • Unlimited Training
  • Online Video Tutorials
  • 240 GB of Vimeo Video Storage (Selected Plans)
  • 24 hour App Support

    NOTE: Use any third party service in your app. Streaming, Forms, Etc.

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