Church App Suite

We have created a suite or effective communication tools all in one platform. Others make you pay for the same tools that are included in Church App Suite! Powerful tools to help communicate, increase church awareness and engagement. All this is available within one dashboard. PLUS NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED!!!   

Customer Feedback
"Working with the folks at Church App Suite was for us a key component to launching our church app and stepping away from paper bulletins & going mobile for our weekly bulletin, sermons & on-line giving. Our team was able to get the questions we needed answered by a real person & support team with great customer support! We continue to work with confidence, knowing that any help we need with our church app will be close by." - J.P. Funk, Assistant Pastor, Calvary Chapel Miami Beach

Easy Drag N Drop Interface!


No Programming Needed, Easy DRAG N DROP Interface, Customize & Change layout anytime!

Church App

Most church apps only allow you to add a Facebook, podcast feed. Our church app is a
blank canvas for you to add anything you want
with no limits and complete control.

See what other churches have done.

Calvary Chapel Chino Hills - IOS / Android
Horizon Christian Fellowship - IOS / Android
Calvary Mountain View - IOS / Android
Corona Friends Church - IOS / Android

App Features

  • Audio Podcast
  • Video Podcast
  • Embed Vimeo Videos
  • Unlimited Push Notifications
  • Church About Page
  • 100+ FREE Icon Library
  • App Analytics
  • Create Custom Pages
  • Upload PDF
  • Audio ESV Bible
  • Photo Gallery
  • Bulletin Push Notification
  • Audio ESV One Year Reading Plan
  • Announcement Feed with Push Notifications
  • Announcement Feed Inbox Feature
  • Unlimited Cloud Storage
  • Customizable DRAG N DROP Interface
  • Integrate Your Own Online Giving
  • Integrate Online Streaming
  • FREE App Updates for Life
  • Notification Feed
  • Customizable Navigation Colors
  • 24 hr App Support

Digital Bulletin

It’s time for a bulletin makeover! With the rise of mobile, social media & more people online then ever before. You can now transition into a more cost effective way of sending out your weekly bulletin & get better results then paper.

Publish to your app, email subscribers, website & Facebook page with one click. Try that with paper!

Customer Feedback
"Church App Suite has changed the game by re-imagining the bulletin in a way that allows us to engage with people in a way that makes sense for today.” - Pastor Travis Clark


Bulletin Builder! 

Our bulletin builder drag n drop interface makes it easy for anyone of any age or experience to design their weekly digital church bulletin. NO PROGRAMMING NEEDED! Create form any computer and have multi-able staff add events and even proof the bulletin before it goes out to everyone. Then with one click send it out to your app, Facebook, website, and even email it. Try that with paper!

Features List

  • Unlimited Email Subscribers
  • Unlimited Bulletins
  • User Management
  • Post to Facebook & Twiter
  • Share Bulletin Events Feature
  • Unlimited Event Storage
  • Free Bulletin Themes
  • Customized Sign up page
  • Free Stock Photos
  • Bulletin Bookmarks (Coming Soon)
  • Added to App App
  • Custom push notification when bulletin sent
  • User Friendly & Simple Interface
  • Embed Bulletin on your Website
  • Track Bulletin opens per Device
  • Track Bulletin Event Clicks
  • Attach PDF Files
  • Use Stored Events over & over again
  • Schedule Date & Time for your Bulletin

Custom Forms

Think about every printed form you have around the church & even the ones you use for internal church stuff. We can save you a lot of printing & time by creating them digitally. Once a form is filled out it can goto one email or dozens. Plus add forms to your website & your custom church app.

Features List

  • Unlimited Forms
  • Fully Customizable
  • Add to Your Website
  • Add to Your App
  • Attach Files
  • Add Your Own Artwork
  • Embed Options
  • Simple Interface
  • User Management
  • Customize with our easy Form Builder
  • Forms Hosted on our Servers 
  • Get Notified by Email when Form is Submitted 
  • Export User Data in Excel
  • User Receives Confirmation Email sent to them
  • Easy & fun for anyone to use
  • Great way to stay connected with your church family
  • Each Form has it's own direct link

Sermon Notes

People either have a smart-phone or tablet when they arrive at church on Sunday now days. Why not allow them to keep connected during the service in a entirely new way. Plus after service they can reference back to the notes they left for that Sunday. You can also add them to your Facebook page.


Features List

  • Unlimited Notes
  • Fully Customizable
  • Email Yourself Your Notes
  • Add to Your Website
  • Add to Your App
  • Remembers where you left off
  • Attach Files
  • Add Your Own Artwork
  • Embed Options
  • Customize with our easy Form Builder
  • Notes Hosted on our Servers 
  • User data is not collected allowing their privacy
  • Simple Interface
  • User Management
  • Easy to create weekly sermons, Bible studies etc.
  • Great for small groups
  • Easy add to your Facebook page

Customer Feedback
"Our goal with our app is to give resources & connect our church family through notes that can help them better follow along on Sundays with teaching notes delivered straight to their phones.” - Pastor Travis Clark

Event Calendar

You might think your calendar is under rated! But it is one of the most important pieces that your church family will use to keep them updated during the week and also to plan ahead for upcoming events. That is why it's so important to have a calendar that is easy to navigate and looks good.


Sub Ministry Calendars

One newly added feature to our event calendar is the ability to add sub calendars from your main calendar. This can be used to add women's, men's, children's etc sub calendars to their webpage or into your app. See example. 


Features List

  • Unlimited Event Storage
  • Available in the App
  • User Management
  • Customize Look and Feel
  • Google Maps
  • Attach Files
  • Add To Personal Calendar
  • Filter Events
  • Search Events
  • Create Internal Staff Events
  • Easily Create Recurring Events
  • Embed on your Website
  • User Friendly 
  • Simple Interface
  • View Calendar Visits
  • Create Bulletin Events from Calendar Events
  • Create Registration Events from Calendar Events
  • Add your Church Logo
  • Add Event Banners to your Calendar Homepage

Event Registration

Event registration success depends on good design and functionality! Good design translates into trust for users to add their credit card. Does your current registration look professional? 

Fees & Setup

Paid registration events require a .99 cent per person + 2.9% credit card processing fee that is either added at the end of check out that the ticket purchaser pays & not the church or can be hidden and deducted from the cost of the event. Quick & easy setup. Enter your bank routing number & that's it. Start accepting payments Money is deposited every two days into your back account.

Customer Feedback
"Having sign-ups and registration directly in the bulletin has been huge. We highly recommend making the switch!”
- Pastor Phillip Macintosh

Features List

  • Unlimited Events
  • Free or Paid Events 
  • User Management
  • Instantly Accept Payments
  • You pay NO processing Fees
  • Processing Secured by Stripe
  • Funds Transferred Every Two Days
  • View Attendee Sign Ups
  • Add to Your Website
  • Export Excel Event Sign-up Reports
  • Receive Weekly Transaction Reports
  • Customize each Registration Form
  • Payments Secured by Stripe
  • 100% Secured User Data Encrypted 
  • Customize Events Look and Feel
  • View Attendee Sign Ups
  • Use & Promote on Facebook
  • Direct Link to Each Registration Event