Blue Letter Bible Now Available for FREE in Church App Suite

Months ago we met up with the team over at Blue Letter Bible to begin the work to bring Blue Letter Bible to Church App Suite IOS & Android App. It was a pleasure working on such a cool project to deliver God's Word to the Mobile Platform. We wanted to give access to multiple translations and make it easy to navigate the Bible interface.

Our designers designed the interface you see. The Blue Letter Bible team put everything together perfectly. We wanted the BLB to match the look and feel of the Church App Suite app interface. BLB team added smooth page transitions with a quick response for users to enjoy following along on Sunday morning or during the week.

We think this is one of the fastest App Bibles out there! Why... The interface is simple and gives you the ability to jump around from book to book quickly. When the pastor is throwing out scriptures, you can see OLD and NEW at the top and navigate to those scriptures and books in seconds.

Plus having a full search feature built into the Bible is very nice also. Some interface features are the ability to increase the font size and also enable red letter. You will not find a better Bible interface in any other Church App. We think we have created something special for you and your church family to enjoy! Blue Letter Bible operates on donations only and passion is to make the Word of God readily available for anyone and anywhere and now making it available for churches in their church app free of cost. Amazing!!!

Both teams spent hours and resources to bring this feature to your church app for your church family to enjoy. Church App Suite is very blessed to work alongside Blue Letter Bible and look forward to the new features we will be adding to this church app Bible, and it's interface.   

If you would like to visit or support Blue Letter Bible, you can visit their website here. Please send them an email telling them how much you appreciate this feature in your church app and also maybe consider making a donation from your church to support what they are doing at Blue Letter Bible.

This would be much appreciated.  


Church App Suite Team 

Email Push Notifications

As you know, email is still a very big part of our daily lives. And some people might prefer email then downloading an app. I think this is the case with seniors. It is so awesome that more and more seniors are moving online than ever before. But apps are still little unfamiliar to some of them. I know many seniors that only go on Facebook and have an email account. You send out lots of important announcements using push notification to your app subscribers, but your email subscribers miss out on those announcements. Well, all that has changed with this new feature! Now when you send a push notification or an Announcement from your Announcement feed in your church app, your email subscribers will be receiving those notifications via email also. Adding the email option to your Church App Suite account can ensure you deliver your important messages to every platform! Your app, email, website, and Facebook page. Soon we will be adding this feature to post to your Facebook page also. Until then enjoy this new feature.

Church Ministry Sub Calendars

One of the great things we love about this business is working with churches and hearing their great ideas on how to improve the products and make them better for all churches to enjoy. Last year I met with Pastor Phillip and his Creative designer from Horizon Christian Fellowship from San Diego California for lunch. It was an excellent time to sit down and hear some great ideas from them. One of their ideas was to create sub-calendars from the main event calendar so they can add those sub-calendars to ministry pages on their website or app. Well, we just released this great new feature which is now live on your account.

Another great example of using sub-calendars is to create ministry pages within your custom church app. Women’s, Men’s Children’s, etc. And link to their calendar of events. What a great way for example men at church to check upcoming men’s Bible studies, Men’s Breakfasts, etc. from the men’s page in your church app linking to the men’s calendar of events right from the app.

Another great example of how important it is for churches to have a custom church app. This new year consider a church app for allowing you a new way of connecting and providing fresh content to your church family, so they can be more aware of what’s available for them at church.

New Website Builder

Going with a mobile app does not mean you have to leave your website behind. Many churches ask us how does our website fit into the big picture of things now that we have a custom church app. This is a great question. Working on staff at my church I always noticed our website stats showed more new visitors then returning. What this told me was that visitors to our website were new people looking for a church in their area and not necessarily our church family. Hope you’re following where I am going with this. Your church website can now be a very simple website that focuses on new visitors to your church and allows your church app to serve your church family which it will. This allows you to build a simple website and not have to always update it. Using the tools in our Church App Suite like the digital bulletin and calendar which can be placed on your website gives visitors a good idea of ministry events and opportunities at your church. Plus adding our media player allows them to listen to a couple of sermons before visiting a service. Approaching this way allows you to leave your website up and not worry about updating it every week. You will have your sermons, digital bulletin, and calendar automatically post to your website. Saving you time every week.

Things have changed in the last year Mobile app use is fast outgrowing websites use. It’s now so important that churches see this fast change and adopt a custom church app that can serve your communication and media needs to connect better with your church family. The Church App Suite does this! Your website is no longer the place your church family visits. It’s going to be your church app because that is easier for them to stay connected with tools like your digital bulletin, calendar and listening to sermons on the go.

So why did we provide a website builder as part of our products? Well, it’s simple we want to help churches cut down on all the updating between your app and website. Giving you a website builder to build a simple website we know will contribute to saving money and streamline your workflow.

This website builder will be FREE to all custom church app customers.

Weekly Devotional with your church app!

What a great idea from Calvary Chapel Corona. Send your church family a weekly devotional right from pastor via your church app. Sometimes we forgot that most of our church family are starting their work week at a job that they might not like and surrounded by people that don’t have the same beliefs they have. I remember when I was just a baby Christian there was a guy at my work that just hated that I was a Christian. It was a tough time in my Christian life. At that time there was no easy way for my church to reach out to me at my job, home, etc. A Church app has changed all that, and Calvary Chapel Corona is an excellent example of how you as a pastor or staff can reach out to your church family outside of just Sundays with your custom church app. Having a custom church app is no longer about just an add on item. It’s a necessity to staying connected and serving your church family outside of the four walls of your church building. Having a church app is going to allow you to stay connected with them daily via your weekly church bulletin, weekly devotionals, Ministry opportunities, and so much more. Get your app ready for the new year. Visit to quickly build your custom church app with our drag n drop app builder.   

Sermon Notes in your custom church app!

One of the things I have noticed at churches is the growing use of following along with Bible apps. I have talked to lots of pastors that still encourage their church to bring a real Bible. Those same pastors love the idea of having digital sermon notes in a church app to save of paper & printing. Plus it’s easier to take nots on a tablet or smartphone. I still love my leather bound Bible, but I love that I can open my churches app and rather than write notes on paper, I can take notes in the church app. Once I’m finished, I can email myself all the notes I took for that Sunday for studying later.

Church App Suite provides a custom sermon notes form builder so you can easily create your weekly sermon notes for your custom church app, add to Facebook or attach to your weekly digital church bulletin.

Set up you own custom church app today and save 10% OFF! No programming Needed! And our easy to use Drag N Drop interface! Visit our website today

Church App for a New year

A New year is approaching! Have you considered a custom church app to help in the areas of communication, event registration and distributing your sermons messages to visitors and your church family. We hear so many great stories of how people are using church apps to listen to messages on the way to work, signing up for an event in the bulletin and even submitting a prayer request. We are very excited her at Church App Suite to see how to live are bring impacted and spiritual grow is happening outside of just Sunday morning. Let our team help you build your Custom Church App today! Visit:

How one Church delivered a special Thanksgiving Announcement to their church family from their church app!

Any church has had many times where they need to deliver an important message to their church. Most churches will send an email or post on their website. The problem is those two methods don’t produce many results. Only about 30% of all your emails that are sent out are even opened. Data shows most visitors to your website are new people not returning visitors. If it were church family, your web stats would show more returning than new. So how do you deliver that valuable information? Well, there is no perfect answer, but data does show app push notifications to receive an 80% — 90% open rate. So just by having a custom church app your church opens up greater opportunity to connect and deliver church information. Church App Suite unique Announcement Feed with Inbox feature takes push notification to a whole new lever for your church family to interact with your church app.

Take Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for example. This Thanksgiving pastor Jack Hibbs delivered a personal Thanksgiving Announcement to his church family with their custom church app using the Church App Suite Announcement Feed. Download their app here.

Cheap Church Apps

Did you know 90% of church app companies use third party software like Ionic or Titanium which are not even supported by Apple or Android? These platforms limit the features of your church app and make your church app slow and sluggish for church users. “I have heard of one story that you have to send your push notifications to the company, and then they will send them out for you!!!” What that is #crazy. Church App Suite uses Apples own Xcode development software and Android Studio to create your custom church app. Resulting in a fast  custom church app that will last for years not just six months. Don’t settle for a Cheap Church App! #Reconsider! Your church family will love you for it. Start a FREE 30-day trial today! No credit card needed. Visit

Custom Church App Pages!

Did you know 90% of church apps don’t allow you to create custom app pages in their apps! That’s like if you told me I could not add a custom page to my website. Most custom church apps you get what you pay for NOTHING! A basic cookie cutter app that you will find you will grow out of in a year! Church App Suite is one of those few you can create unlimited amounts of pages in your church app! Visit today to start your 30-day FREE trial! Not credit card needed. #crazy 

Missed Sunday?

How easy is it for your church family to find a Sunday sermon they missed or explore the hundreds of sermon messages in your church app or on your church website. Church App Suite Sermon Player can be viewed from your custom church app or added to your church website. Plus our sermon player has the best search, filter by topics, books of the Bible & most popular. Add uploaded sermon messages into series, speakers, categories and featured. No, Other church app platforms have this functionality. And if that was not enough users can create a playlist in your custom church app with one click! Examine the many benefits Church App Suite can offer your church family! Sign up today for our 30-day FREE trial!