About Our Mobile / Web Firm!


About Me: My name is Jeret Slack! I have been married for over 18 years; have two boys and four dogs. I serve on the leadership staff at my local church and served previously on staff at Calvary Chapel Chino Hills for over 10 years as their Lead Web, Mobile, Print & Marketing director. This experience helps keep me in-touch with the needs churches face today with implementing and understanding these new technologies. I'm a true entrepreneur at heart. I love photography and was featured by Adobe in 2012, I owned and operated #1 online custom sock company called Thesockgame. I currently invest and sit on the boards of other start-ups around the world. But my real passion from the beginning has been to serve God's pastors, staff and church family. I hope you will allow me and my staff to serve you.

I founded Church App Suite ( Part of the PixelArk Mobile/Web Technology Firm ) over five years ago for the simple reason to help improve church communication using technology. I have worked on staff for BIG and small churches for over 15 years in the areas of communication, design, media, marketing, and church leadership. I have worn many hats when serving on staff and I have a full understanding of what churches are faced with today when dealing with technology. As churches, we want to use technology but there are so many options and what are the best options for my church? Church App Suite was created just for you and your church family!

  • My #1 role is to oversee and help provide customer service, talk with you to understand your church’s needs and move you forward. 
  • I'm a very involved CEO, and customer support is my passion.
  • Please consider me and our team as part of your church staff.
  • I take your feedback and deliver it right to our development team so they can act.
  • I want to build a relationship with you and your staff to help you be successful using these technologies.

From my own church experience and what other churches have shared with me over the years,  I can help you integrate these technologies into your current church workflow and eliminate old methods and replace them with new ones.
Which WILL save you money, time, stress and be more effective with less effort. Which will be welcomed by
staff and your church family! We
guarantee it ;)  - Jeret Slack  (Founder & CEO)

About Our Team: We are a mid sized mobile / web technology firm with staff across the United States that all work off site. From the beginning, we have never needed an office and wouldn't know what to do with one if we had one LOL! We are big on streamlining operation costs and passing that saving onto you. Working offsite allows us to do that. As you know, many great companies and start-ups work off site, and this gives us greater access to more talented people which allows us to work faster & more effectively. We have been able to accomplish more with a mid sized staff in our short amount of time as a firm then most companies have done with 80-100 employees.

The benefits: 

  • Better customer service than larger companies
  • Operation costs are small compared to large corporations (which helps us keep our costs low)
  • We know your name
  • You’re Not a Number to us
  • We work faster and better than larger companies
  • We are easily able to create features you want 
  • More focused on tasks
  • You’re treated better
  • Our entire staff knows who you are


What Our Small Team has Accomplished: In over five years most companies have not given their customers any new features or extra services. On the other hand within one year we:

  • Re-built our IOS Custom Church App in Apple Swift - "Now the Most Secured Church App" ( #1 IOS programming language )
  • Re-built our Android Custom Church App
  • Released Notes & Custom Forms
  • Released Three New Church App Layouts. ( Tabs & Grind View )
  • Brought You Vimeo Direct ( Upload Directly to Video from our Platform )
  • Released Group Push Notifications
  • Released Announcement Feed Inbox Feature to our Church Apps
  • Released Email Push Notifications ( For those who don't have smartphone ) 
  • Released Registration Multi-Payments, Ticket Add-ons, Ticket Options, Early Bird Discounts & More
  • Released the #1 Top Church Website Builder ( Webuildly )
  • Released new prayer wall feature
  • Released new church bulletin board feature
  • Released new check-in feature

    These Releases are all free to customers! And we are not done yet! Stay Tuned!  

  • Over 17 years Combined Church Staff Experience
  • Over 10 years Pastoral & Ministry Leader Experience
  • Over 20 years Web Design Experience
  • Over 20 years Graphic Design Experience
  • Over 20 years PHP, Javascript & Programming Experience
  • Over 7 years Google Android Programming Experience
  • Over 8 years Apple IOS Programming Experience
  • Over 10 years IT Networking Experience
  • Over 25 Server Database Experience
  • Over 10 years Interface Design Experience
  • Much More 

Ministry & The
Church First!

We are a non-investor (BOOT-Strapped) funded company. Meaning financial investors DO NOT direct the vision or direction of the company based on financial expectations. Church App Suite is a ministry FIRST that serves the Church (The Body of Christ).


About Us.

Church App Suite is a subscription based SaaS (Software as a Service) company specializing in the development of ministry oriented mobile technologies.  Blessed to have served on church staffs for over 17 years, we bring a seasoned perspective to the effort of providing the practical tools needed actually to support and grow the church community. We understand that ministry leaders often work with very limited resources.  For this reason, our technologies are designed to multiply the efforts of the church staff by providing tools that extend their reach and influence.  Our software creates robust pathways of communication and connectivity among the church body.


Great Things Ahead

As these trends continue our hope and desire is to equip the church to leverage this new platform of communication propelling it forward in this rapidly changing information age.  Our burden is to facilitate the reach of the Gospel and strengthen the bonds of fellowship among the body of Christ.