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Creating synergies between all of the different software packages and apps that today's church employs is usually accomplished through sheer labor. That can be costly having several different applications, not to mention problematic when your labor force wears many hats!

The team at Church App Suite have created a suite of products that work together as one. They have not only worked hard to create solutions that work together, but they spend an equal amount of time engaging with us as a customer to help improve the product.  

Honestly it's really more like a partnership because of the personal attention we receive from Church App Suite, makes them feel like they're an extension of our staff; they listen to our unique needs in how we communicate and how easy it needs to be.

Leonardo da Vinci said "Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication." I'm convinced he'd say Church App Suite fits that definition.

Greg Hilt - Office Manager - Calvary Knoxville

Church App Deals


SETUP FEE OFFER: Pay in Full at startup or $199
and $100 a month after for 5 months.  


Mix & Match Services

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Get all the best church app tools you need to save money, increase church awareness & ministry sign-ups all
with-in a simple interface anyone on staff or even a volunteer can manage and use.
NO programming or special skills needed.

No other app platform provides such quality and options. Compare us and see. 

Something Worth Reading! 

We are not going to do the comparison charts like everyone else does. Take a look at what we have to offer
and you will quickly see we have the best church app solution, best church app pricing & best value.


QUALITY - Usually, you can't see quality until you have used it for awhile. But one example you can see is we are the only company to provide our iPhone & iPad custom church app in Apple's NEW IOS language called Apple Swift. Which means your custom church app is coded at the highest quality for IOS mobile apps. Don't take our word for it see above.


PRICE - We are not the cheapest. But the old saying is true you get what you pay for. Just by switching to our digital bulletin you will save enough in printing costs and labor to afford our entire package. Schedule a demo today Click Here


VALUE - When we left our staff positions at our churches, we wanted to make sure every small, mid-sized or big church could afford to use these technologies easily for their church. You will quickly see by looking around we have packed the most value into our platform. You will not find this much value offered by any other church app company online.


SUPPORT - We know most churches don't have the means to hire the pro graphic designer, web designer or even that marketing guru etc. Support is more to us than just a 9-5 phone number or email response. We want to teach you to use these tools to save money, communicate better and streamline tasks. We hope you allow us to come along side your staff to teach, show you how technology can better and benefit your church staff and church family.